Using → User/PI Names Guide

By default, Open XDMoD will use the Unix user names and Unix group names used by your resource manager. The real names of your users and PIs must be added to Open XDMoD in a separate step. This can be accomplished with a CSV file and the included xdmod-import-csv command.

Create a CSV file with three columns. The first column should include the user name or group name used by your resource manager, the second column is the user’s first name and the third column is the user’s last name.

If the user or group doesn’t correspond to a person (i.e. doesn’t have a first and last name), but you want a different name to be display, leave the second column blank and put the name in the third column.

$ cat names.csv
myuser,,"My User"
mygroup,,"My Group"

$ xdmod-import-csv -t names -i names.csv

After you have imported the names, you will need to run the ingestor before the names appear in the portal.

$ xdmod-ingestor