Installing → Hardware Requirements

Open XDMoD has few strict hardware requirements. The hardware required to run Open XDMoD depends on the quantity of data it will process and store as well as the number of concurrent users. The supported hardware configuration is a single server that will run both the web and database services. This may be a physical server or a virtual machine; no containerization technologies are supported at this time. For security reasons it is suggested, but not required, that no other services run on the same machine and that access is limited to system administrators. All end user access should be restricted to the web portal.

For example, a virtual machine with 4 (2018) processor cores and 16GB of memory is sufficient to serve an Open XDMoD instance with moderate user activity and 28M jobs run over 11 years.

Processor Requirements

While a lightly used Open XDMoD installation requires only a single processor core (the equivalent of an Intel Nehalem server processor from 2010 or better), it is recommended to use a 64 bit x86 processor with at least two cores. XDMoD instances supporting sites that process a large number of jobs or many concurrent users will require additional CPU resources.

Memory Requirements

Open XDMoD requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM. This would be sufficient for testing purposes, but any substantial amount of data will require more memory. For less than 1 million job records 4GB would be acceptable. For less than 25 million job records 16GB would be sufficient. For over 100 million job records 64GB would be desirable.

Storage Requirements

The uncompressed size of the Open XDMoD package is roughly 150MB and dependencies will require additional space depending on what is already installed on your system. In addition, temporary space is required for various Open XDMoD processes. Roughly 300MB of disk space is required per each million jobs.

Graphics Card Requirements

Open XDMoD does not require a graphics card and will not use any GPU in your server.