Resource Manager Notes → Univa Grid Engine

Open XDMoD includes support for Univa Grid Engine starting with version 5.0.0. Specifically, the Open XDMoD uge shredder option expects your accounting log files to have higher precision (millisecond) timestamps. All the other notes for Grid Engine still apply to Univa Grid Engine.

If your version of Univa Grid Engine uses the same accounting log format as Sun Grid Engine (no millisecond timestamps), you should use the Grid Engine shredder.

Differences from Sun Grid Engine

Some versions of Univa Grid Engine create accounting log files that are different from other versions of Sun Grid Engine and it’s other derivatives. These accounting logs may include additional fields. Univa Grid Engine (8.2+) accounting log files record timestamps with millisecond precision. Open XDMoD ignores the additional fields and rounds the timestamps down to the nearest second.