Resource Manager Notes → SGE/Grid Engine

Open XDMoD supports Sun Grid Engine with the caveats listed below. SGE support includes Univa Grid Engine (pre-8.2) and the other SGE derivatives that use the same accounting log format as Sun Grid Engine.

NOTE: If you are using Univa Grid Engine 8.2+ you should use the Univa Grid Engine Shredder.

Nodes and CPUs

SGE does not report the nodes used by a given job in the accounting log. For accurate node counts the accounting_summary must be set to FALSE in sge_pe. If accounting_summary is set to TRUE it will appear that all jobs were run on a single node.

Open XDMoD supports two different ways of specifying the number of CPUs used by a job. By default, the number of slots reported by SGE will be used as the number of CPUs. If you configure num_procs as a consumable resource, the greater of the two values will be used as the number of CPUs.

Log Files

If your logs are not rotated (you re-shred the same log file every time you update the Open XDMoD database), when Open XDMoD inserts duplicate data, the unique key constraint on the shredded_job_sge table will prevent the insertion of this data, but will instead update the primary key. This will prevent duplicate data from being entered into the database, even though the entire log file will still be parsed.