Using → Data Warehouse Export

The Data Warehouse Export feature of Open XDMoD is designed to give users access to the raw (non-aggregate) data contained in the Open XDMoD data warehouse. This is achieved through an interface where users submit requests using the web portal that are fulfilled by a batch process that runs at a scheduled time each day. When the data export is complete an email is generated to notify the user that their data is ready. If any errors occur an email is sent to the technical support email address configured in portal_settings.ini. The data export can then be downloaded using the link contained in the email or from the web portal. After a configured time period has elapsed the data export will be deleted from the server and the download will no longer be available.


There are several configuration options for the Data Warehouse Export feature. These are set in the portal_settings.ini file. They can be changed manually or using the xdmod-setup script.

; Configuration for data warehouse export functionality.
; Exported data files will be stored in this directory.
export_directory = "/var/spool/xdmod/export"
; Length of time in days that files will be retained before automatic deletion.
retention_duration_days = 30
; Salt used during deidentification.
hash_salt = "..."

The directory where data files are stored is set by the export_directory option. This must be an absolute path for a directory on a file system with sufficient storage. The exact storage necessary will depend on how many exports are created and the amount of data contained in the data files. If a large quantity of data is exported it is advised to create a separate partition to store the data files.

The time period that data files will be retained is set by the retention_duration_days option. This specifies the number of days that a data file will be kept in the export directory before it is removed.

A salt may be specified by the hash_salt option that is used when hashing data that is configured to be anonymized. This will be set to a random value the first time the Data Warehouse Export is configured using the xdmod-setup script.

Exported Data Configuration

Specifying which fields are exported is configured in the rawstatistics.d/20_jobs.json file. For each field listed in the fields section there is a batchExport option that may be set to true, false, or "anonymize". This file contains other sections and options that are used by other features of Open XDMoD. The other sections and options in this file should not be changed without a thorough understanding of all the different ways this file is used.

NOTE: The format of this file will likely change in the future. If this file is modified and the format changes in a future version the file must be manually updated to use the new format and any changes must be re-applied. The Job Performance module uses a different format and that is also expected to change in the future.

This is an example of the general structure of this file and the location of the batchExport option:

    "Jobs": {
        "fields": [
                "batchExport": true