Open XDMoD

XDMoD (XD Metrics on Demand) is an NSF-funded open source tool designed to audit and facilitate the utilization of the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure by providing a wide range of metrics on XSEDE resources, including resource utilization, resource performance, and impact on scholarship and research. The XDMoD framework is designed to meet the following objectives: (1) provide the user community with a tool to manage their allocations and optimize their resource utilization, (2) provide operational staff with the ability to monitor and tune resource performance, (3) provide management with a tool to monitor utilization, user base, and performance of resources, and (4) provide metrics to help measure scientific impact. While initially focused on the XSEDE program, Open XDMoD has been created to be adaptable to any HPC environment.

The framework includes a computationally lightweight application kernel auditing system that utilizes performance kernels chosen from both low-level benchmarks and actual scientific and engineering applications to measure overall system performance from the user’s perspective. This allows continuous resource monitoring to measure all aspects of system performance including file-system, processor, and memory performance, and network latency and bandwidth. Current and past utilization metrics, coupled with application kernel-based performance analysis, can be used to help guide future cyberinfrastructure investment decisions, plan system upgrades, tune machine performance, improve user job throughput, and facilitate routine system operation and maintenance.

This work was sponsored by NSF under grant numbers ACI 1025159 and ACI 1445806 for the development of technology audit service for XSEDE.

NOTE: Not all of the XDMoD features mentioned above are currently available in Open XDMoD.

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Open XDMoD is an open source project released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (“LGPL”) Version 3.0.

While Open XDMoD is released under the LGPL, it is bundled with some 3rd party software libraries that are not free for commercial use. See License Notices for more information on 3rd party software bundled with Open XDMoD.

Specifically, Open XDMoD is bundled with Highcharts, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. For more information regarding Highcharts licensing, please refer to their Non Commercial Licensing FAQ.